Trail Cameras

What Are Trail Cameras?

Trail cameras are those cameras that are used to capture pictures and videos when the photographer is not holding the camera physically in his hand. Trail cameras are mainly used for capturing images during hunting. The digital trail camera contains various features that are specially designed to meet the needs of hunters. These cameras are also known as game and sports cameras. A digital trail camera is reliable and equipped with surprising functions just apt to capture interesting images during wildlife hunting. Simply set up a trail camera in region where the animals and birds frequent and it will get activated automatically when movement of animals will be detected by sensors.


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Why You Need a Trail Camera

A trail camera offers great opportunity to participate oneself entirely into your daily routine allowing you to experience the world closely when you are not physically present there.
Trail cameras help you know the areas where game is plentiful, best place for camp, type of wildlife in a particular area and more.

A trail camera is equipped with various useful features and is available at affordable prices. It is a must buy for hunters.  Imaging capabilities range from the multi shot to the detailed documentation which holds almost all the shots and videos being taken.

One of the most important features in trail camera is the handling of pictures in evening time. Most of the trail cameras come with the better flash setup and you can also invent more on this flash by choosing forty yard flash.

There are cameras available in 12 megapixels which gives the best picture quality and resolution. Trail cameras are not only for clicking images but also or for making videos. The flash ability of the camera traps to detect the animals largely depends on width and range.


Infrared and Incandescent Cameras

There are two types of cameras infrared and incandescent cameras.
The camera comes with incandescent and infrared technology. The biggest difference between the incandescent and infrared flashes is that an incandescent camera gives light. Incandescent takes better color and quality photos but can scare off the animals. Infrared flash lens takes black and white images of best quality and are varied by brands. The camera has rapid activation mode which makes the work fast.  The camera has battery of long life such 150 days of battery life is must.


Trail Camera: Pros and Cons

Pros:  Weather resistant, invisible flash, long battery life, wide angle lens, personalized settings, Incandescent flash produces good quality, color photos

Cons of Incandescent Flash

Trigger time is slow and the camera makes the other hunters know of your game area. The camera utilizes more energy than infrared trail cameras.

Cons of Infrared Flash

Pictures taken at night are blurred and usually come in black and white mode. They are comparatively expensive than flash cameras. Night time resolution is low as compared to incandescent cameras.


Price Range

Price range of various trail cameras is from $100 to $500 and more.


10 Bestselling Trail Cameras For 2011

Bushnell Trophy Cam 119436C
8MP, 32 Infrared LED, Range 45 feet, B&W Text LCD, 1 Year Battery Life

Primos Truth Cam 46
5MP, 46 Infrared LED, Range 50 feet, Password Protection, 1 Year Warranty

Wildgame Innovations n6
6MP, 30 Infrared LED, Range 50 feet, Max 16GB SD Card, External Battery Port

Moultrie Game Spy M-100
6MP, Password Security, Max 32GB SD Card, 1 Year Battery Life, 2” LCD Display

Bushnell Trophy Cam 119466C
8MP, 40 Black LED 45 feet, 720p HD Video, B&W Text LCD, 1 Year Battery Life

Primos Truth Cam 35
3 MP, 35 Infrared LED, Range 40 feet, Max 8 GB SD Card, 1 Year Warranty

– Moultrie Game Spy M-80
5MP, 32 Infrared LED, 16:9 Widescreen, Max 32GB SD Card, 1 Year Battery Life

Wildgame Innovations w6x
6MP, 30 Infrared LED, Range 50 feet, External Battery Port, 6 Weeks Battery Life

Spypoint IR-5
5MP, 35 Infrared LED, Range 50 feet, Trigger Speed 0.8 sec, External Battery Port

Spypoint IR-6
6MP, 46 Infrared LED, Range 50 feet, Trigger Speed 0.8 sec, External Battery Port

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